Convection stoves and Canadian Bullerjan stoves

Bullerjan hot air stoves were first manufactured in 1975, in Vermont, Canada.
Inventor Eric Darnell took advantage of the fact that hot air rises (convection effect) and his knowledge and skill led to the idea of ​​hot air stoves made of steel tubes that surrounded the hearth.
In Europe, Bullerjan stoves have become famous for their quality and unique heating performance, the good reputation of the Bullerjan brand was mainly based on the recommendations of satisfied stove users.

Hot air stove HEATER, stove with the highest efficiency on the market!

Performance, efficiency and speed! These are the advantages of HEATER hot air wood stoves.

The warm-air wood stove HEATER heats up any space in a flash. Mainly due to the high efficiency of combustion, hot air stoves generally have a high and fast heating capacity of the heated space. Hot air stoves are suitable for restaurants and pubs. Hot-air stoves are ideal for a cottage or hause, hot-air stoves are even more suitable for a workshop or clubhouse, as well as a hot-air stove with a hot water exchanger for cultural halls or halls.
large cultural halls or sports halls. It's just a matter of configuring hot air stoves, according to the size of the output, or stoves with or without a heat exchanger, or with other accessories leading to heat optimization for the respective object.

Hot air stoves excel in several ways:

  • in combustion efficiency (HEATER stoves have 81% efficiency)
  • in the perfect combustion of gases and dust particles
  • quick heating
  • high fuel economy

Advantages of HEATER hot air stoves

  • Independence of heating
  • Fast flooding
  • Aesthetic benefit
  • Low acquisition costs
  • Savings on heating

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