Heat exchanger HEATER (7 kW)

Heat exchanger HEATER (7 kW)


Heat water exchanger for 12 kW hot air wood stove HEATER with 7 kW output.

The heat exchanger outlets (for water connection) are in the back of the stove.

The pipe thread size is 1" (coul).

For more accessories for HEATER hot air stoves, go to the accessories section, e.g. to purchase a HEATER stove stand or a HEATER hot air stove cover.

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Type and performance7 kW
Weight10 kg

Shipping abroad:

Unfortunately, the forwarding company TOPTRANS cannot collect cash on delivery abroad, so the goods can only be paid for by bank transfer (does not apply to the Czech Republic).

6 050 Kč tax incl.
5 000 Kč tax excl.

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More info - Heat exchanger HEATER (7 kW)

HEATER hot air stoves can very easily heat other rooms or heat water, you only need to order the stove with this hot water exchanger and you can connect the stove with pipes to heating elements (radiators) in the whole house or in the heated building, as well as to the storage water heater (or to the hot water boiler). The HEATER stove with a heat exchanger can also serve as an auxiliary or main source of heat in cottages, cottages, pubs, cellars, as well as in conservatories or in a modern house. The exchanger itself is located above the hearth, before the flue gas extraction at the exit from the HEATER stove, which increases the efficiency of the stove up to 80%! This configuration achieves energy class A+.

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