Door glass HEATER (supplement)

Door glass HEATER (supplement)


The heat-resistant glass is intended for HEATER hot-air wood stoves and for special HEATER hot-air stoves.

Heat-resistant glass is built into the door of the HEATER hot air stove.

The standard HEATER hot air stove has a solid door, by purchasing this product you are buying a hot air stove with a door with heat-resistant glass. We can install this glass in the door during production.

For more accessories for HEATER hot air stoves, go to the accessories section, e.g. to purchase a HEATER stove stand or a HEATER hot air stove cover.

36 month warranty.

Weight2 kg

Shipping abroad:

Unfortunately, the forwarding company TOPTRANS cannot collect cash on delivery abroad, so the goods can only be paid for by bank transfer (does not apply to the Czech Republic).

1 815 Kč tax incl.
1 500 Kč tax excl.

In stock / within 5 days

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