Special hot air stove HEATER with hotplate 17 kW version 2023

Special hot air stove HEATER with hotplate 17 kW version 2023


We will make a special hot air stove with a hotplate 17 kW (version 2023) to order for you. 

The 2023 version differs from the original special stoves in the new design of the logo cut-out (instead of the original sign), which is glazed, and through which the fire inside the stove can be seen.

We recommend for a space of 340 m3.

The efficiency of the HEATER stove is 80.9%.

The possibility of various adjustments to the stove on request by agreement.

We recommend the special HEATER wood-burning hot air stoves for heating cottages or cottages, restaurants, pubs or pubs, production halls and workshops, for clubhouses, outbuildings or storage rooms, or even for living rooms and as a stylish addition to a modern house, etc.

The combustion space of hot air stoves enables perfect combustion of gases and dust particles with minimal impact on the environment. There is a large economic saving of fuel (30-40%) with comparable performance, because the combustion method is very economical.

The performance of the stove is regulated by the air supply on the door.

In the case of good draft conditions of the chimney, we recommend installing a hot air exchanger (for the flue), this will increase the performance and efficiency of the hot air stove.

Wood, wood briquettes or pellets can be burned in this stove.

We recommend removing ash from the stove 1x to 2x a month - a unique grateless combustion system, it melts on a layer of ash (quick and efficient heating).

The stand, hot air exchanger or glass for the door of the HEATER hot air stove can be ordered in the accessories section.

36-month warranty (lifetime around 20 years).

Calculation of the heated space

More details

Type and performance17 kW and more
Calorific value of uninsulated space (m3)340 m3
Calorific value of the insulated space (m3)567 m3
Fuel consumption (kg/hour)4,9 kg/hour
Weight110 kg
Length (mm)900 mm
Width (mm)650 mm
Number of pipes (pcs)10 pcs
Log length (mm)600 mm
Flue diameter (mm)150 mm
Flue axis (mm)650 mm
BImSchV 2Done

Shipping abroad:

Unfortunately, the forwarding company TOPTRANS cannot collect cash on delivery abroad, so the goods can only be paid for by bank transfer (does not apply to the Czech Republic).

38 115 Kč tax incl.
31 500 Kč tax excl.

In stock / within 5 days

Need more information?

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to provide you with more information or advise on the selection of hot air stoves or their accessories.

More info - Special hot air stove HEATER with hotplate 17 kW version 2023

HEATER hot air stoves are used for heating rooms, warehouses, halls, halls, cultural halls, cottages, cottages, workshops, barns, greenhouses, farm buildings, beer halls, restaurants, pubs, etc.

When using the stove, the door of the stove must always be closed, except when adding fuel or when adjusting the hearth in any way, primarily to prevent the escape of flue gases into the heated room.

During heating, it is necessary that the flap of the combustion air supply regulator is always open (the draft of the stove will increase).

Hot-air stoves do not have a grate, and therefore the ash is not completely removed, but instead a small, even amount is left as a hearth, the remaining layer of ash extends the long-term life of the stove by 20% and at the same time ensures the temperature difference needed for rapid melting, e.g. for the hot air flow of the stove.

The lifespan of these stoves is around 20 years, but it is common for HEATER stoves to accompany them for several generations.

For the HEATER stove, it is also possible to order practical cladding, an elegant pedestal, glass for the door or a hot air exchanger for the flue.

Spare parts:

  • complete door (without glass or with glass)
  • exhaust flap
  • sealing non-flammable door cord
  • glass for the door and with a seal
  • handles for controlling the door and air supply
  • other hot air stove accessories can be found in accessories

HEATER hot-air stoves can very easily heat other rooms or heat water, you only need to order the stove with a hot water exchanger and you can connect the stove with pipes to heating elements (radiators) in the whole house or in the heated object, but also to a storage water heater (or to hot water boiler). The HEATER stove with a heat exchanger can also serve as an auxiliary or main source of heat in cottages, cottages, pubs, cellars, as well as in conservatories or in a modern house. The exchanger itself is located above the hearth, before the flue gas extraction at the exit from the HEATER stove, which increases the efficiency of the stove up to 80%! This configuration achieves energy class A+.

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